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Manage Your Time and Reach Your Goals with the Pareto Principle!

Assess Your Goals and Tasks Using the 80/20 Rule.

No matter your role or responsibility at the hotel, there is always a feeling of "there’s not enough hours in the day. "

I used to always feel frustrated that tasks weren’t being completed because the day to day was eating me alive. I went home and felt exhausted, but in reality had only added to my to do list and daily emails controlled my time.

That’s the way I used to feel!

But now I’m confident in my time, my ability to accomplish tasks, and work towards the companies goals!

So what made the change?

One step was implementing the Pareto Principle.

The Pareto Principle essentially states that 20% of the input brings 80% of the results.

In other words not all of your time, energy, and effort, is distributed evenly to your results.

I was putting all of my energy into tasks that weren’t bringing me closer to my goals. Yes, they needed to be done, but that didn’t mean they would help me get to the big things I wanted to do that would really add value.

Adding value like:

- Customer Service Trainings for our team

- Developing more streamlined communication and operating procedures

- Updating our entire IT infrastructure so that we could answer clients faster

These are all value rich items that I wanted to be doing but my energy and effort were drained by my mental capacity for other things!

So, how do we apply this in real life?

Let’s review that principle again.

The Pareto Principle is understanding that the majority of life is not distributed evenly. That focusing on your top 20% will move you towards 80% of the big goals you have.

So our tip for this week is before tackling everything on your calendar, make decisions based on allocating time and effort!

Here’s an example from my own life:

Instead of spending 4 hours researching and detailing out the best plan to update our IT infrastructure, I spent 2 hours doing research on 4 systems (30 minutes each) and then spent the remaining 2 hours on the very best system.

Or check out this possible hotel example:

You could focus on rewarding the 20% of housekeeping staff that contributes to 80% of the cleanest rooms. This way you are showing them that you notice their hard work and you are setting an expectation for the others to move towards.

Again, our simple tip is to begin applying the Pareto Principle to your own life so that you can focus directly on what will bring the greatest return for yourself and your team. This will allow you to feel confident knowing that you managed your time appropriately so that you not only accomplished your tasks for the day, but also moved towards your larger goals!

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Sign Up here for FREE simple, easy to implement, weekly video tips designed to help you build your hotel team, make your financials more helpful, and ultimately make more money!

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