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5 Reasons to Outsource a Critical Task in Your Company!

Why You Should Outsource Right Now!

Today we're discussing 5 reasons why you should outsource a task in your company!

Overall the top 5 reasons to Outsource

1. The outsourcing team has your back, and there is whole team of them!

2. You can outsource a topic you're not interested in and focus on your genius zone.

3. Your can leverage the culture of the team you are outsourcing to.

4. You can pull on the learning curve of their SOPs.

5. You can benefit from the full focus (and sometimes obsession) that the outsourced partner has for their service!

1. Team has your back!

A truly great outsource partnership is one where you know that there is a team of people that has your back in that area. If someone leaves their team or is sick or goes on vacation, there's a whole other group of people waiting in the wings to cover you. Even when it's not the case of someone leaving but just the case of solving a challenging problem or handling difficult communication, there's a team of people to bounce ideas off of that has your best interest at heart and is putting their minds and their cumulative experience together to solve your problem.

2. Topic you're not interested in!

The most obvious benefit of outsourcing is to handle a task that is crucial to your business but you have no interest in. Or not a deep understanding of. Our company started out as a consulting firm to help hoteliers set up their accounting software. There was no intention of being an ongoing service provider. But as we set up the software and just talked to hotel teams about it, it turned out a lot of them didn't want to do accounting. They really wanted to focus on their passions and know that someone they could trust was handling this important area of their business.  Now of course it's not a crock pot, you can't just set it and forget it! This is still a key area and your business that you're responsible for. And we talk more about that as well as mistakes to avoid when outsourcing. So you can watch that video here. Outsourcing does however relieve some of that pressure of you being fully responsible hiring and training and SOPs and oversight for a department that isn't in your genius zone.

3. Culture!

Outsourcing culture is another great benefit and also a risk of outsourcing. This is only a benefit if you are fully familiar with the culture of your outsourced partner and it aligns with your own. You are outsourcing a chunk of your own company culture. Now this is an amazing benefit if it's an area you're not interested in like accounting. Because that is a whole team of people, but needs to be connected to a mission that needs to fill valued and appreciated, that needs to feel like their work is celebrated. And there's a chance that if it is not something you are passionate about, it will be difficult for you to consistently celebrate and pour in to those people. And that serves no one. So if you outsource to a company that is all about building those team members up and helping them be the best that they can be and serve to their greatest potential, and helping that department consistently grow and get better in a way that you wouldn’t be pouring into them if they were in house team members, that can be an amazing benefit to you!

4. SOPs! (Standard Operating Procedures)

Another benefit of outsourcing is the development and implementation of SOPs. In a technical area like accounting, which is what I do, there are a lot of details to keep straight and a lot of learning and training to do with the team. And if you aren't confident in your own SOPs in that area, it is a huge benefit to partner with a company who already has those in place. When you are running or starting a business, you don't want to have to start at ground zero on every single thing. There are so many different areas of business to learn, juggle, and keep track of, if you have an opportunity to benefit from someone else's learning curve, that can be a great benefit to you!

5. Total Focus

Another benefit is when you outsource an area of your business, that service is your outsourced partner's full focus. As a business owner you have a lot of different things to focus on. A hotelier for instance, their product that is bringing in revenue is selling hotel rooms. Accounting is just a support function that helps make that happen. For my company, accounting is what's bringing in the sales and is how I make money. So it has top line energy for me. It has my full focus. Making that product better is vital to feeding my family and is critical to providing for my team. Also business owners are typically obsessive people. So to know that you have someone saying up at night and having dinner conversations about how to make that service better... That's just a benefit you can't replicate! You get to leverage your outsource partner's obsession with their topic!

So those are 5 reasons why you should outsource if you are considering it!

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Sign Up here for FREE simple, easy to implement, weekly video tips designed to help you build your hotel team, make your financials more helpful, and ultimately make more money!

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