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Training Tips from the Hotel Solutions Team!

Training new team members is super important in that it impacts how quickly they can start adding value to the team. Without it, you can be stuck with high turnover, people who don’t know what they are doing, and additional time being spent by you fixing problems.

So, how do you train your hotel team effectively?

The video above will walk you through these core concepts to building an fast, effective team with these simple tips:

How to implement and start Day One Leadership

What is it and why it is important to your hotel?

How do you know what your new hire is doing?

Feedback and what questions you should be asking as a leader?

How do you give feedback to your hotel team?

How do you receive feedback from your team?

Team Mindset

What is your mindset for training?

What is their mindset for training?

Handling Mistakes

How do you handle training mistakes?

What do you ask when a teammate does something wrong?

These simple tips and questions to ask yourself to allow you to maximize the potential of not just your new teammate but also empowers your current team in that you trust them.

So, I hope you found this quick tip helpful as it pertains to your hotel teams development. If you haven’t received your FREE Basics of Hotel Financials Guide you can get it FREE here:

This guide will show you how your hotel Point of Sale System, Property Management System, and hotel accounting system work together, what hotel formulas you should be reviewing, and how to use your market segments, so you can overcome the overwhelm of USALI (Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry.) Click here for your FREE Basics of Hotel Financials Guide:


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