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Make New Hires Feel Like Part of the Team Fast Without Overwhelm.

We hear over and over again when you bring on a new person that the 90 day mark is one of the most important to set the stage on how that new team member is going to develop and train and grow.

Personally I think that the 90 day mark is important but it’s not nearly as important as the first two weeks.

The first two weeks are when the new person is learning names, lingo, locations, processes, and they are essentially a sponge and just taking it all in. That’s great but as a manger and leader this adds a considerable amount of stress and anxiety on your life.

You are already leading the team, manage others schedules, develop this new person, meet with guests, assisting the sales team, all with the focus of helping the hotels operations run smoothly.

This new person was suppose to relieve the stress not add on more!

So here’s a clear and simple process to build that new team member up fast to maximize that investment you are making in them while at the same time empowering your current team members as well.

Your first step in this simple process is to:

#1 Use your current team to remind yourself what it’s like when your new.

What do I mean? Take two or three of your top performers, or those you see leadership potential in, and create a few questions that go over the “unsung” ways of how your organization is run.

I met with a few of our team members for just 15 minutes and we came up with the following discussion topics that aren’t spoken about as part of the operational training process that are a huge asset for a newcomer.

Here are a couple of ours as an example: (remember, these are discussions from your top performers)

1. Here are the ways in which I like to prioritize my schedule and clients.

2. These are what our core values mean to me.

3. This is what it’s like working in an open office where everyone can see and hear you.

Once a new hires gets the inside scoop on these 3 things - they really feel like part of the team!

Which leads to the second simple step: have those top performers pour into the new team member those “quiet” details to be successful in their new role.

The way in which we do this is a top performer meets with the new person for about 15 minutes and only discusses one topic during that time.

Then a few days later another top performer discusses their take on the same topic.

When you have 2-3 topics spread out every couple of days it’s not overload for the new person and keeps the current team running smoothly.

So let’s recap this simple process to build that new team member up fast to maximize that investment you are making in them while at the same time empowering your current team members as well.

You are going to user your current team to come up with the “quiet” topics that are picked up while working and not part of the traditional SOP’s and then your top performers are going to spend a short period of time giving their take on how they accomplish the goals of the hotel.

By adding in this simple process your new team member is not going to be overloaded and overwhelmed, your current team is going to feel empowered and upbeat in that they can lead someone new, and you are going to be able to maximize your investment in that new person fast!


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