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How often should you talk to your Hotel Accountant?

How do you communicate effectively between hotel managers and the accounting team?

Here we are discussing how often a hotel general manager or owner should communicate with their accounting team.

It's important to integrate the accounting team into the daily actions of the hotel and have regular communication. While there is no exact frequency, the speaker suggests reviewing financials monthly and having scheduled reviews with the team.

The key to effective communication is having an open relationship where managers and owners feel comfortable asking accounting team questions as they arise. Likewise, the accounting team should feel comfortable asking managers and owners questions. The speaker also mentions the importance of responding to accounting team inquiries promptly and maintaining open communication channels. Sending weekly check-ins with clients to keep the relationship fresh and ensure that the accounting team is readily available for any questions or concerns.

Ultimately, building a strong relationship with the accounting team is crucial for team engagement and maximizing the value of financials.


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