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Implement a Seamless AP Process and Stop Losing Money

Tips for Hotel Accounts Payable (Invoices)

Accounts payable processes tend to be overlooked, and training is inadequate, but it is too crucial of a role to let this continue.

This week we’re talking about training for the AP team and we’re going to give you a sneak peak into the welcome video of our new AP training!

If it feels like this is a big ol' pep rally -that is because it absolutely is!

Accounts payable pros need to know how important their job is! They need to know the team is counting on them! They need to know they are a HUGE play a huge part every time the hotel wins!

When training starts there, everyone is locked in!

We all want to add our value. Help the team win. Be recognized for our contribution. And keep on adding those W's to the scorecard!

Learn more about the AP Training HERE.


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