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Create Scripts for Your Team!

“I don’t have to wear a mask. It’s no longer state mandated!”

“I requested on the phone that I wanted a 2 pm check-in time.”

“Wait, why is your pool closed?”

“Why did you put a hold on my card for incidentals? I’m just going to be here one night?”

And my personal favorite…

“I’m a platinum member?!”

Working in the hotel I heard a few of these a lot! Guests had made requests or were unclear of the current processes and procedures and would get snappy when things were not going their way. It was challenging and frustrating for hotel staff to know what to say and how to say it.

It may have been the guest's first time asking, but the front desk had heard that question 10x already that day and their nerves were shot.

This is where scripts become a huge asset for the team!

Scripts allow you and your entire team to have a clear, common talking point, so that everyone is on the same page. They provide you the peace of mind knowing you are in control of the message and what your team is saying as well.

So how do you get started?

Step 1. Write out a few of the most common questions your team gets asked.

Step 2. Write out specifically how you would like your team to respond to those questions.

Step 3. Print and share these scripts with the team and add them to the training for new team members.

So, our simple tip for this week is to begin making scripts for your team so that everyone is on the same page and communicates clearly and effectively answering questions the exact way in which you would like for them to be addressed.

It won’t alleviate all communication woes, but it does allow some peace that items are handled the way you want them. Plus, it’s a great confidence booster for the team when they have a clear picture of how you want items handled!


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