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There doesn't seem to be time to do the job, much less get training or understand the importance. And then...

Oftentimes, people are asked to enter Accounts Payable as one of many job responsibilities. 

Deadlines Are Missed Resulting in Exorbitant Late Fees.

There are errors in AP entry and the financials aren't accurate anymore.

There are double payments and checks going to the wrong vendor or account.

The team is discouraged and unmotivated, not knowing the importance of their role.

Managers and owners are frustrated, leaking money and not being able to rely on the financials.

The vendors are angry, not being paid timely.

The accountant is overwhelmed because coding and description errors are making their job feel impossible.

The good news is - you don't have to wing it when it comes to Accounts Payable! Join The Basics of Hotel Accounts Payable and get your team the help they need. Then they'll actually know how mission critical this role is and how simple it is to help the hotel win with Accounts Payable! 

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My “aha” moment came with the explanation of prepaids. The fundamentals of prepaids and accruals have always been a bit shaky for me, so the explanation of how they work and why they are important was really helpful.

Shawna Stewart, Accounting Clerk

My biggest confusion before watching this course was why AP cutoff dates were important. It didn’t make sense to me that an invoice for March wasn’t entered with a March accounting period if received in May. Now I know that AP cutoff dates are to ensure that the P&L is accurate.

Lisa Johnson, Staff Accountant

This training has been great for our AP clerks! To do great work, it is critical for them to understand the importance of their job and how it impacts the company. 

Melinda Glover, Accounts Payable Manager

Katie and her team have a deep understanding of hotel accounting. She is always happy to explain and make sure everyone on my team understands!

Samir Lavani, CFO

Accounts Payable errors are costing your hotel money!
Let us train your team to master Hotel Accounts Payable in an hour!
Help your team grasp the importance of Accounts Payable and it's direct impact to your hotels profit
End the frustration of double payments by increasing accuracy with the 11 Key Elements to Check When Entering AP
Stop wasting money due to exorbitant late fees from poor Accounts Payable Schedules
Instantly boost the accuracy and value of your financial statements with reduced coding errors

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$ 97

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One year's access to The Basics of Accounts Payable Course to watch on demand anytime.

Downloadable The Beginner's Guide to Hotel AP.

Downloadable AP Scheduling System.

Downloadable AP Coding Cheat Sheet.

In this Training, go from hot mess express to understanding every element of AP and how to help your team win in right around an hour!


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In Lesson 1, we’re going to learn how accounts payables fits into your accounting system, and how the AP process impacts your hotels profit. 

Best Hotel Accounting Tips

In Lesson 2, it's all about timing!  We are going over  accounts payable schedules and work flow to remove any invoice overwhelm you might be feeling so that all invoices are entered and paid on time.

Lesson 3 will tackle invoice coding and best practices for making sure that invoices are coded correctly to the Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. This will save time and energy by removing the need for pesky end of month reclasses.

Hotel Budgeting
Best Hotel Accounting

And in Lessons 4, 5, 6 we’ll dive into the 11 Key Elements to Check When Entering Accounts Payable.  These elements will ensure accuracy with your invoices reducing double payments, incorrect payments, and late fees. 

PLUS, there are practical examples, guides, and quizzes with each lesson!

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And get this amazing bonus!

Our Complete Beginners Guide to Accounts Payable!


Finally, a straight forward training on Hotel Accounts Payable best practices! Now you don't have to be so nervous to bring on someone new and they won't have to be so confused about the process! Everybody wins! 

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Our team provides a robust accounting department for even the smallest hotel portfolios. We also love to share what we've learned these past 10+years (and that's where all our resources come in)!  Whether you want to build a stellar in house accounting department or outsource it to us, we'll help you get the most out of your financial statements, build a team you love, and save loads of money along the way!  Now is the time to get your hotel accounting back on track!

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When can I take the class?

Immediately! As soon as you purchase the training, the email address you used at check out will be sent login information!

How do I access it/login?

You will be emailed login information when you purchase. Make sure to use an email that is easily accessed.

How long can I access the Training?

You can login and view the training videos for one full year from the purchase date.

What is the refund policy?

This Training is not eligible for refunds.