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Hi, we're Katie and Buck

Most people get overwhelmed and tense when they think about their hotel's accounting, so they think of it only as a necessary evil. Hotel Solutions takes the frustrations out of your hotel books, so you never have to stress about your hotel accounting again.

It’s Hotel Accounting Made Simple.
Over the past 10+ years, our team has had a passion to share our knowledge, tips, and tricks for keeping hotel accounting simple.

We provide full monthly accounting services and simple, easy-to-follow online trainings so hotel owners and management companies can focus on the continual growth of their hotels. 
Whether you want to build a stellar in-house accounting department or outsource it to us, we'll help you reach your hotel's goals, build a team you love, and save loads of money along the way!

Now is the time to get your hotel accounting back on track!

I bet you started your hotel in pursuit of big dreams... 

You wanted to serve others with a warm cookie and smile after a long day of traveling

... not tracking receipts spread all over your desk

You wanted to focus on operations and sales because numbers weren't your thing

... not hunched over your desk looking for $ .17 on a bank reconciliation

You wanted to build a great place to work that the community looked up to

... not running from hotel to hotel putting out fires with vendors who haven't been paid

You wanted to create a team culture that focused on service and helping others

...not train, teach and try to hire someone who understands hotel accounting

You wanted to make a little extra money or start a career to give your family their dream home

...not laying in bed worrying the bank is going to find a problem with your P&L

You wanted a clean, slick office that you could be proud of

...not filing cabinets and storage bins of old financial statements spread everywhere

Keyboard and Mouse

The Good News Is,
Your Dream Is Right Around The Corner

At Hotel Solutions we partner with small hotel management companies to provide premium accounting & bookkeeping services with financial statements that our clients can actually understand.


Through consistent communication and simplified processes, we show owners and managers how to take a proactive role in the financials of their hotel - resulting in higher profit margins, more team ownership, and stronger hotel culture. 


The goal of Hotel Solutions is to help our clients recognize the massive value that understanding the financials can add to your organization.   


The numbers don’t have to be scary, because, with us, your team has some of the best guides in the industry on their side!   

Untitled design.png

Meet your new accounting team: 

(Your Hotel's Biggest Cheerleaders)

We believe accountants bring massive value to every organization.


We are passionate about creating personal & professional growth opportunities for our team & clients.

We support businesses through done-for-you accounting support, premium value-based trainings, and internationally acclaimed public speaking.


Our vision is to change the value and perception of accounting by cultivating strong leadership and communication skills within accounting departments across the country.  


You know all the parts of maintaining an accounting department that make you want to wring your hands and take a nap?   We’ve got them covered!


There is nothing we love more than helping hoteliers get their financials straightened out.  We'll set you up on a system that allows you and your property teams to understand the numbers like never before.  Then you can focus on operations and scale with ease!


Your Solution for Exceptional Hotel Accounting.

Get to Know Us


Our highest priority at Hotel Solutions is to Be The Guide. That means we don’t wait for clients to ask questions. We try to anticipate needs, and we are always looking for ways to add more value!


A close second is our commitment to stay positive. We believe there is power in positive thinking.  Positivity builds stronger relationships, helps us serve better, and makes work more fun!


We Never. Stop. Learning. Finding new ways to help our clients truly lights us up! And sharing a newfound efficiency or process with the team – oh, it makes our accountant hearts so happy!

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