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Timely and Accurate Monthly Hotel Financials.

Be confident in your numbers and never stress about your hotel’s monthly financials again.

But let me guess...

Producing accurate hotel financial statements each month is crucial to running a profitable hotel.

  • You're tired of hiring accountants who say they know hotel financials but your books are still a mess.

  • Your controller quits, leaving you worried about what to do and how the weekly and monthly financial tasks will get done.  

  • You're General Manager is exhausted running the Front Desk, Sales, and Housekeeping so your financials are always late.

  • You want accurate Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Statements to make great decisions with your team but aren't sure where to start.

  • You screen every call hoping it's not the bank or owners because you honestly don't know how your hotels are performing.

  • Your CPA doesn't understand the intricacies of the hotel industry adding more meetings, emails, and calls to your plate.

Your hotel financials should bring peace and clarity to you and your team….
Not stress, overwhelm and worry.

If hotel bookkeeping is not your zone of genius, we got you covered with easy online training courses and robust monthly bookkeeping services.
Now you have the team, tools, and resources to make confident, timely decisions for your hotel.

It's time to stop guessing what to do with your hotel financials and partner with a team created just for you.   Take hotel bookkeeping off your plate with all-encompassing monthly services, and rest assured we have simple easy-to-follow online resources for your team too.

Hotel Solutions - Rupesh Patel - Katie Paolino

Experts You
Can Trust

Having a hotel expert in your back pocket is worth their weight in gold. No need to second guess or question your financial processes, with 10+ years of industry experience you gain a wealth of knowledge to make the best decisions. 

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Goals You 
Can Hit

Finally, you can get back to running your hotel by making timely and informed operational decisions with easy-to-view reports and trainings you can review anywhere anytime. 

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Consistent Communication 

We don't just send you the monthly financials and leave you to it. With weekly check-in emails, we make sure you and your entire team understand what's going on at your hotels.

Notepad on Desk

Over the last 10 years, we have helped hundreds of hotels accomplish their financial goals!

From Independent, Quaint  Boutiques 


Highly Structured, Franchises

From Focused (Limited)

Service Hotels


Full-Service Resorts with Multiple Outlets

From Single

Hotel Portfolio's


2,3,4,+ ... Many!

Free Tools

Download our FREE The Basics of Hotel Financials Guide Today.
Start gaining confidence in your Hotel Financials.

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In this beginner's hotel financial statement guide we'll cover:

  • How activity gets to your financial statements 

  • What are a few key features you should take note of on your hotel's Income Statement (Profit & Loss Statement) and Balance Sheet

  • Review a few of the most crucial hotel formulas (analytics) you should be tracking

  • How to utilize your market segments to help everyone from sales to the front desk

  • Bonus: Important Reminders!

  • Bonus: Weekly video series designed to make you more money!


Our proven strategies and systems have helped hundreds of small portfolio hotel owners, managers,
and controllers like you


Confidently know how their hotel is performing with timely and accurate hotel Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet Statements

Save Money on Accounting by working with an experienced team of hotel bookkeepers who has gone through similar situations your hotel is currently facing reducing the chance of costly mistakes

Empower their team to make the best operational decisions by understanding how their actions your hotel's profit and loss statement

Increase the Bottom Line.  Because when you know where your money is going you can devote the right amount of energy, time, and resources to maximize everyone's goals. 

Stay prepared for owner and bank requests through clear, organized hotel books with all the backup at your fingertips

Feel rock-solid in setting plans and goals for your hotel, knowing that they’re backed by data and not just hopes

Never Stress About Their Hotel's Financials Again.

What our awesome clients are saying ...


I just want you all to know how much I appreciate your time, energy and commitment to all of the properties. You all are World Class and we are lucky to have such wonderful people making sure everything is being handled appropriately. You all have dealt with my crazy turn arounds in opening new businesses and have been such a consistent team. Thank you!

SHELBY PYWELL - The Mining Exchange, A Wyndham Grand Hotel

Hotel Solutions has been great to work with! They have a deep understanding of hotel financials. They have been especially helpful in setting up systems and making sure everyone at the property understands them. They are always happy to explain things and offer additional training.

I am so much more confident in our financials since hiring Hotel Solutions.

Samir Lavani - Pearl Hospitality: The Westin Medical Center, Houston

Portrait close up Business man smiling_e

Your hard work and patience have not gone unnoticed by me. We really appreciate your labors on our behalf!!


 Thank you for all your help cleaning everything up.  Your financial knowledge and expertise has certainly made my job easier. 

Mal, General

About Us

Hi, we're your new bookkeeping team!

Most people get overwhelmed and tense when they think about their hotel's financials. Hotel Solutions takes the frustrations out of your hotel books, so you never have to stress about your hotel financials again.

Over the past 10+ years, our team has had a passion to share our knowledge, tips, and tricks for keeping hotel financials simple.

We provide full monthly bookkeeping services and simple, easy-to-follow online trainings so hotel owners and management companies can focus on the continual growth of their hotels. 

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